Little White Church

We look forward to being able to gather again at the anniversary service. We are monitoring the restrictions in place due to the pandemic and will reopen when it is deemed safe. In the meantime, please remember us with your donations as we continue to maintain this historic property.

Nous accueillerons les visiteurs à notre prochain anniversaire le plus tôt possible. N'oubliez pas de nous avec vos dons alors que nous essayons de continuer à entretenir cette propriété historique.

The Russeltown Flatts Church began through the vision of Mary Forbes, whose husband John ran a small store across the road. Her encouragement, along with the hard work of local settlers resulted in the raising of the building's frame in 1826. The church was first used by the Methodists and Congregationalists.

By 1853, the settlers were forming a strong tie to the Presbyterian Congregationalists and Mrs. Forbes turned the church over to them in return for their commitment to build a steeple. Donald Black, a federal Member of Parliament (1935-53) and grandson of original settler Josiah Black, donated the electrical lighting and fixtures for the church in 1920. In 1925, with the union of the churches, Russeltown Flatts Church joined the United Church of Canada. By 1945, the scattering of the local population forced the merger of Knox, Wesley-Covey Hill and Russeltown churches.

The Russeltown Church and Cemetery has been maintained by trustees and is now a registered foundation. The Church welcomes visitors to its Anniversary Service, regularly held the last Sunday in July.